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Thank you for inquiring about LAMB Radio’s Event Broadcasting

How does the remote broadcast from an event to LAMB Radio work?

- if the event has a soundboard and can amplify the sound of the teaching and/or the music of the event

- we can broadcast the event

- LAMB receives the sound through the Internet

- by means of Skype software on a computer hardwired to said soundboard

Cost to have LAMB Radio LIVE broadcast your event, concert or conference?

- 50$ per each day the event is broadcast

- plus a one time charge of 50$ to advertise the event (click the link below to find out more)

- Audio Commercial Advertisement Promotion

Things needed on the ‘event end’ of the broadcast:

- a soundboard for amplifying the event

- an individual trained in operating a soundboard

- this person (if not the same as the computer person listed below) must be aware of the

LAMB remote broadcast well in advance of the broadcast

- this person (if not the same as the computer person listed below) must be able to be in communication with the computer person listed below

- it would be good (but not mandatory) for this person to have some communication (preferably before the event) with the LAMB coordinator also

- a computer (CPU, tablet or laptop) with a USB port and Skype software installed

- a person who is familiar with Skype software and has used the many communication avenues within Skype

- this person should be able to communicate with the person setting up the LAMB broadcast during the week before the broadcast

- unique Skype names will be exchanged, requests made and accepted to assure communication before the day of the event

- this person must also have a phone that has text for communication with the LAMB Radio operator

- this person must also be available shortly before, during and for a brief time after all the events scheduled times

- we ask that we use the same person throughout the event as it is hard to communicate with several people

- (if this computer is a MAC/Apple device - the person using this computer must be able to solve audio in and out issues)

           - (no one at LAMB knows how to solve MAC issues)

- an Internet connection

- Ethernet wired directly to the computer is highly preferred

- wireless can work but must have a very strong signal

- wireless Internet is very unstable and can drop out or waver the connection easily - this makes for bad live broadcasting

- a wire that connects the soundboard (sound out) to the computer

- (if needed) LAMB will physically mail this wire in plenty of time before the conference

- LAMB will need an address in which to mail the wire

- preferably the person running the computer

What is the process from beginning to end?

The LAMB Radio coordinator needs to have contact info (email address and phone number) for the soundboard operator and the person running the computer

1. A schedule of the event needs to be provided to the LAMB coordinator as soon as possible

- this schedule will be posted on the LAMB Radio ‘Remote Broadcast’ page linked to the home page

- this schedule is what our listeners will go by when planning to listen to your event

- if there are issues concerning scheduled time changes the listener will not be able to know that

- so we ask that you recognize there is a huge audience that will schedule there time based on your schedule of events

2. A sound check test needs to be done from the stage at the event as soon as it is possible

- this check will be transmitted from the event computer to the LAMB coordinator’s computer (not the LAMB server)

3. Communication between the LAMB coordinator and the event computer operator:

- the Skype on the LAMB server will call and connect to the event computer Skype approximately 5 minutes before the event starts

- as the LAMB buffering producers hear sounds coming through the event Skype they stop their conversation to allow the event sound to come through

- within the Skype text the LAMB coordinator & the buffering producers will discuss sound issues during the broadcast with the event computer operator

- when there is just a short break and the speaker is expected to be right back or a change of speakers

- the event computer can mute their Skype mic or the soundboard mic until it

is time to come back on air

- the LAMB buffering producers will fill in that time until they hear sound

coming from the event Skype computer

- when there is a long break between sessions at the event or it is done for the day - the Skype connection with the event computer will be disconnected

- the LAMB coordinator and the event computer operator will then establish when they will communicate at the start of the next session

- the LAMB buffering producers will wrap up that segment

4. At the beginning of each day of the event (15 minutes before the event starts (per the schedule)):

- LAMB Radio producers fade the music out and introduce information (name of event, where it is held, info about the event…)

- basically buffering the time until one event session stops or a new one starts

- between each session: (depending on time constraints: some events take breaks / some events go right from one speaker to another)

- LAMB Radio producers talk about what was previously heard from the event and what is to come

- at the end of each day of the event

- basically they talk about what the last speaker said and the whole day

- LAMB producers schedule their time to help buffer between the event schedules

- once again it is important to keep as close to the event schedule as much as possible

5. Once permission is given to promote the event

- we ask that the event coordinator (or someone familiar with the event) write up a promotion script giving as much info about the event as possible

- LAMB Radio will write up 2 - 3 scripts promoting the event

- based on the promotion script from the event coordinator and the website information about the event

- the script sent from the event coordinator can be ‘beefed up’ for radio by our script writer

- the scripts will then be recorded by several producers from LAMB Radio to be aired once permission is given

- several voices doing several promotion scripts makes for good radio

- background song for the recorded promo

- if the event coordinator has a specific song that can be used in the background of the promo we will use it

- if not we will select a song and get the event coordinator’s approval

- once the promos are recorded we will send one copy of one of the recordings to the event coordinator for approval

- LAMB encourages the event coordinators to record the scripts in first person - a very nice personal touch

Other issues that should to be addressed:

LAMB Radio is legal because we pay our music licensing

- any music played (recorded or live) on air has to be documented and sent to the music licensing companies

- LAMB asks that a playlist be sent before the event or shortly after of any music played (recorded or live) during the event

- if LAMB Radio does not turn in this playlist we can be fined

Archived recordings of the event:

- all Skype calls from the LAMB server are recorded

- the individual teachings are edited out of the total recording and archived

- LAMB can send these recordings to the event coordinator or individual teacher if requested

- since they were made public through the radio broadcast most teachers do not have a problem having them archived

- if the event coordinator thinks there could be a problem they should contact the teachers at the event for permission

- LAMB will publish these recordings on a public archive page within a week after the event

- unless requested not to by the event coordinator or the teachers

LAMB Radio asks that our website address ( be mentioned at least once a day during the conference

- we are not opposed to having LAMB mentioned several times during the event

There is no charge to broadcast an event on LAMB Radio

- however (just like putting on an event) there is a great deal of cost and time work involved on our end

- however there is no comparison in cost to the blessings our listeners get by having the ability to listen to an event that otherwise was just not possible

- please consider letting LAMB Radio remote broadcast your event!

Based on our experience, here are a few of the considerations involved in broadcasting your event:

Since most events recoup the cost of the event by charging a registration fee to enter the event:

- LAMB does not want to take away from the event recouping from that registration

- we will not promote the remote broadcasting of the event until permission is given by the event coordinator

- some events are fine with promoting the remote broadcasting of the event ahead of registration deadlines because:

- there are many that can not come no matter what

- limitations in seating

- the sooner the remote broadcast is promoted expands the amount of people who can hear your message

- we have topped out at over 680 computers/phones/tablets listening during an event broadcast

- there can be several people listening to one computer at a time multiplying that number

- LAMB believes there are countless benefits by physically going to an event

- we do not promote that a person stay home and listen instead of going to the event

- the choice belongs to the event coordinator as to when to start promoting and LAMB will honor that decision

Contact Mark David Smith (owner of LAMB Radio) HERE

Here is a list of the events we’ve broadcast so far:

1. God Week 1 - LAMB Radio

2. God Week 2 - LAMB Radio

3. 3000 In The Gap - LAMB Radio

4. Hope Again International Event - (Remote Broadcast from) Nashville, TN

5. Revive Conference - (Remote Broadcast from) Dallas, TX

6. Lion & Lamb Sukkot Event - (Remote Broadcast from) Chandler, OK

7. Reconciliation with Israel - (Remote Broadcast from) Jerusalem, Israel

8. Prayer, Praise & Proclamation ‘Virtual Conference’ - LAMB Radio

9. Praise Conference - (Remote Broadcast from) Oklahoma City, OK

10. Winter Conference - (Remote Broadcast from) Belleville, PA

11. Growing in Torah - (Remote Broadcast from) Orosi, California

12. Gather the Scattered Conference - (Remote Broadcast from) Washington, PA

13. United in Torah Conference - (Remote Broadcast from) San Diego, California

14. Supernatural Crossroads Conference - (Remote Broadcast from) Camby, Indiana

15. Shavuot 2016 - (Remote Broadcast from) Amarillo, TX

16. A Block Party with James and Liz Block - (Remote Broadcast from) Salem, OR