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Archives of past shows:

If you don’t see a show on the list email me here and we will send it to you

7/16/17 - Sunday / Mark, Jo, James and AviGayle O’Hare

Mark / Matthew 23 - Do what they say not what they do

O’Hare’s / News - Israel and un-Godly things happening around the world

Mark / Torah - 32,000 Virgins!

7/17/17 - Monday / Mark, Dave, Susan, Jaime

Mark / Matthew 23 - Sages of old compared to sages today

Dave / News - Islam and anti-Semitism

Dave / Torah - The continuing story

7/18/17 - Tuesday / Mark, Dave, Jamie

Mark / Matt 24 - Are we living in Yeshua’s prophesy?

Dave / News - Germany uses Amelek and Midianites to describe themselves

Dave / Torah - Layer upon layer

7/19/17 - Wednesday / Mark, Dave, Nitza & Posey Salem

Mark / Matt 24 - It won’t be long!

Dave / News - Is there still hope in the church?

Posey Salem / Radiant Resume Services

7/20/17 - Mark, Susan, Jo, Jamie

Mark / Matt 24 - How we used to learn the Brit Hadashah compared to today

7/23/17 - Mark James, AviGayle, Jo

Mark / Is. 1 - Does what the LORD says to Israel apply to our lives today?

AviGayle / News / Torah - Stabbings in Israel / Devarim and remembrance

7/24/17 - Mark, Dave, Jo, Jaime

Dave / Is. 1:18 - Law and Lawyers that is our Advocate / Yeshua

Dave / News - Influence of demonic manifestation all around us

Mark - Teachings about demonic world influence / Messianic vs Christianity

7/25/17 - Mark, Dave, Jo, Jaime

Mark / Mark 14:1 - How do religious leaders get to a point of

committing 1st degree murder?

Dave / News - Boundaries and guidelines in the home

Jaime / Torah - Respect and choice

Special Segment / Why do I need to know what you do in your bedroom? LGBT

The show ‘Only Visiting This Planet’ is based on John 17:14 “I have given them your word, and the world hated them, because they do not belong to the world — just as I myself do not belong to the world.

- Heard on LAMB Radio Sunday through Thursday’s at 8:30 AM Central Time (after ‘War Room’ prayers)

- Hosted by:

    - Pilot Captain Mark David Smith

    - Co-Pilot Mrs. Sandi Craig

           and Coterie

    - The Coterie are:

- Sunday’s Team

   - James and AviGayle O’Hare

of the ‘Israel My Delight’ show

of the ‘Sunday War Room’ prayer show (AviGayle)

   - Jo Cameron (The Hebrew)

of the ‘Friday War Room’ prayer show

         - Monday thru Wed-nes-day

                - Pastor Dave Mathews

of the ‘Manna From Heaven’ broadcast

Senior Pastor (Rabbi) of Manna From Heaven Ministries

         - Tuesday Through Thursday

               - Pastor/Rabbi Jonathan Dade

Senior Pastor (Rabbi) of Messiah Echad Congregation - Austin Texas

         - Thursday’s

               - Susan Hooge

of the ‘Thursday War Room’ prayer show

   - Jason Salas

Humorist and cartoonist from Las Cruces New Mexico

This is a basic outline for the ‘Only Visiting This Planet’ show:

Our guests do a short interview but mostly interact with rest of the show format


8:30 AM (after the ‘War Room’ prayer show which can go a little long) till 9:15 AM

    1. Opening segments

         - Intro music

          - Mark's opening discourse (basic bantering)

         - Welcome crew

          - Welcome guest

    2. News

- Jonathan Dade (World News)

     - Discussion

9:15 AM till 9:30 AM

    3. Guest interview

9:30 AM till 9:50 AM

    4. Torah portion discussion

          - Torah or Not Torah Game

9:50 AM till 10 AM

    5. Bye Bye

The Messianic Star Wars Saga Parody

Listen to the full version - 72 minutes

8:30 AM after War Room Prayers
with Mark David Smith, Sandi Craig and Coterie
Sunday’s through Thursday’s