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Format: Interviews with people in the Messianic Lifestyle

Most people in our faith only come in contact with the people in their Torah Study or congregation meetings. Unless they venture out to conferences, meet someone new in their meetings, get 'Liked' on social media or watch a Messianic teaching video, these people rarely experience many more contacts in the Messianic lifestyle..

They need to meet you! They need to hear about your experience living the Messianic lifestyle. Maybe your story will help enable them to relate their own experience living the Messianic lifestyle to someone new.

I want to interview you for my new series called 'Super Heroes for the Messianic Lifestyle'. Essentially, I believe we're all 'Super Heroes' when we champion for our lifestyle.

If you would like to be interviewed for this program, email us here.

History with LAMB: LAMB podcasts interviewed people in the faith all over the world, starting as early as 2011. The podcasts were called ‘Living Life Torah Style’.

The first interview in video format for the LAMB Network Youtube:


Mark Smith

Uploaded February 11, 2019

Video Interview

Steve Caswell

The owner of

Messiah's Love and Messiah's People

website ministry along with a Messianic web-hosting