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Lion & Lamb Shavuot Remote Broadcast

June 2, 3 & 4

Friday June 2 @ 7 PM - Ed Harris & Rod Woodruff

Saturday June 3 @ 10 AM - Torah Service Monte Judah

& 7 PM - Ephraim Judah & Mason Clover

Sunday June 4 - 7 PM - Daniel McGirr & Rod Woodruff

(there will be no archives)

Remote Broadcasts cost LAMB Radio a lot to broadcast

Please donate as you are able

June 1st:  Remnant Radio Guest, Brooke Lounsbury

of Health Begins at Home

Brooke Lounsbury, RN, Holistic Nurse of will discuss her soon to be released children’s book, ‘Fermie’s Journeys’ which deals with the topic of digestive health.  She will talk about the holistic health model as the foundation of her integrative health practice.  

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‘The Messianic Stars Wars Saga’

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